This site was created as a repository of resources and strategies that support high-quality instruction, with an emphasis on research-based practices and thoughtful integration of technology to increase student engagement in the classroom.

The approach of this site is to focus on the big ideas of highly-effective classrooms, not necessarily on specific tools.  Many tools can be used in multiple ways to engage students- just a few ideas are presented here.

I am always in research to identify, test, and recommend additional resources to reach all learners.  As I find more solutions, I will add them to this site regularly!

About the site…

Education at its core is a community endeavor.  When we engage with our many stakeholders- educational leaders, colleagues, students, families, and the external community- we strengthen and expand our impact.

In order to reach every student and prepare each one for his or her future, innovation should  drive our practice.  As we endeavor to incorporate innovation, facilitating student engagement in future-ready experiences, we open doors to possibility and creativity that will follow our learners as they pursue their dreams.

Engaging community, Innovative instruction