Creative learning tasks

Incorporate many ways for students to show what they know creatively.  Students will develop future ready skills along with content mastery.

  1. Going beyond traditional presentations
    • Use PowerPoint/Google Slides to tell a digital story
    • Students can add narration to PowerPoint presentations
  2. Brainstorming/ Idea generation
    • Padlet
    • Popplet
    • Mentimeter- word clouds
    • PollEverywhere- word clouds
  3. Movie makers
    • iMovie
    • Adobe Spark
  4. Podcasting
    • Garageband (iPad, Mac)
    • Audacity (PC)
  5. Blogging- writing for audience
    • Edublogs
    • WordPress
  6. Augmented Reality
    • HP Reveal- make sure students create these for high impact