Formative Assessments

Know where students are in their understanding as each concept is taught and learned in your class.

A few resources we recommend for creating assessments:

  1. District-supported products:
    • Google Forms (myPolkApps)
    • Microsoft Forms (Office 365)
    • SMART Response 2.0 (within SMART Notebook or SMART Online Learning Suite)
  2. Other products that provide individual data
    • Socrative
    • Nearpod
    • Kahoot
    • Quizezz
    • Plickers
    • Quizlet- if using Classroom upgrade
  3. Formative assessments, whole group- Get an overview of where the class is to inform instructional decisions as a whole.
    • Mentimeter
    • Poll Everywhere
  4. Other ways to incorporate formative assessments
    • Whiteboarding apps- Microsoft Whiteboard or Jamboard (Google)
    • Explaining thinking or processes
      • Explain Everything
      • Shadow Puppet EDU
      • Movie makers- iMovie (iPad, Mac), Photos (Windows 10)
      • SMART Recorder
    • Simulations with explanations
      • PhET
      • ExploreLearning Gizmos