Professional Learning Plan

The following is a sample professional learning plan for higher education faculty.  As expressed in the short term section, the first step would be to complete a needs analysis informed by the vision and goals of the college/university leadership, the faculty, and specific student learning needs for that campus.  This, then, is a basic plan before gathering that information.

Short term

  • Administer needs analyses: Administration, Faculty, and Students
  • If not already in place:
    • Create/update documentation for university teaching and learning expectations
    • Create online resource center
    • Establish social media presence for faculty that focuses on great class happenings around campus
  • Identify mentor faculty instructors
  • Identify/create on-boarding professional development modules for new full-time and adjunct faculty
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to create and promote a culture for faculty professional learning
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to establish or deepen the faculty community culture
  • Begin foundational planning for Innovations in Learning center

Mid term

  • Establish faculty peer-mentoring program
  • Establish learning communities through Lunch & Learn and other series
  • Expand online learning resource center to include faculty created articles and class strategies
  • Pursue grant funding for expanding professional learning activities
  • If not in place, establish annual Excellence in Teaching recognition program
  • Create a faculty learning space to establish Innovations in Learning center

Long term

  • Create learning pathways/certificates to deepen instructional best practices and active learning strategies
  • Expand the faculty Innovations in Learning Center as a learning lab for hands-on experience in new strategies and tools in teaching and learning
  • Additional goals to be accomplished as determined by overall college/university mission and vision.